It was a calm, lovely British summer morning. I wanted to finish my work faster and go outside for a bit. I was writing an article in a .md file, and it looked as I was just-just done.

There were many should-be-m-dash-hyphens in my text so I find-and-replaced them all with m-dash1.

Funnily, my Hugo broke not even in one, but in multiple places. I spotted the posts had no upper part — it was Hugo front matter2 being messed up.

Strangely, the dates were messed up too! I nearly missed them, but luckily spotted that checking the home page — there were dashes in the dates, and they are replaced too!


Don’t do replace all — do all replacements one-by-one.

  1. By the way the difference between the two is here. [return]
  2. Front matter or top part of the article’s .md file. Read more here. [return]