When you code you constantly need to find out — is particular variable equal to what you expect it to be equal, at a particular moment.

The easiest way is to use console.log(). However, it is not always user-friendly — for example, if your variable is complex and full of various types of other variables, you won’t see it in the console.

I map CLG key combination to the following snippet on Dash 3:

console.log("__placeholder__ obj: " + JSON.stringify(__placeholder__, null, 4));

Now you can type the “CLG” on any of your code editors (or anywhere else, literally) and get anything console-logged nicely:

Fig 1. Here's how Dash snippets work in Atom.

Fig 1. Here's how Dash snippets work in Atom.

So far, this is my most productivity-improving snippet (and I have many).

With Dash, I set it once, and I can use it across all my code editors: Atom, Sublime Text, WebStorm and even Dreamweaver (which is still perfect for email development).

That’s why I love Dash.

PS. I admit I took the snippet from some smart peeps from StackOverflow, ages ago.